Updated information on adviser business valuation changes
AIA announce timetable to close old Sovereign and AIA lines of business

Dilemma for insurance companies

To remain current, insurance firms are working to adapt business processes to cater to changing needs including introducing policies that cover single items for a few days, providing disability insurance for makeup artists, and offering cover for people with niche possessions. Furthermore, some insurance companies are set on insuring businesses against environmental liability, terrorism, and damage to reputation. While some insurers are looking at new ways to offer customers services, others are cautious that regulators could punish them for unwittingly taking on bad risks. Click here to read more

The greatest of dilemmas has to be how to become more efficient. The challenges of automation look set to be solved in overseas markets, however, with much larger populations. From there, they will probably be imported here. But will they be brought here by our existing companies or by new ones?


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