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I was told to stop talking about insurance...

In response to my recent call for help to identify links between insurance and retirement policy, I was told in the nicest possible way that... there aren't any, based on the boundaries drawn by the terms of reference. Although in some respects, there have already been some modest links identified, such as providing for early access in the case of life shortening conditions, which could mean that early access to funds is needed, but not necessarily available under current terms. More certainty around those rules would help with insurance planning. 

On another note, it sparked an interesting debate that included: 

  • whether insurance in superannuation had been helpful, in Australia
  • whether a state mandated minimum insurance package would be helpful
  • what might form part of such a package

For the record, my answers are: 'probably not' to the first two, and therefore 'not applicable' to the last. 


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