AIA announce timetable to close old Sovereign and AIA lines of business
Recent FMA comments underline the economic cost of implementing the new regime

The Commerce Commission review of motor vehicle insurance may help clarify acceptable claims ratios

In announcing their eight focus areas the Commerce Commission included at number three "Motor vehicle financing and related add-ons". Later in their announcement they confirmed: 

"In the areas of environmental claims, online retail and motor vehicle insurance, we will look to understand the issues, identify current and potential harm, educate traders, empower consumers and take enforcement action where needed" 

It will be interesting to see the review. A significant number of the concerns about 'junk insurance' related to add-ons to basic motor-vehicle insurance, particularly when sold alongside vehicle finance. Although our draft conduct regime looks like it will be a principles-based approach, there has been a focus on what constitutes an acceptable level of claims as a proportion of premium. Additional information on what is happening in the New Zealand market will be valuable for regulators and companies in setting policy. 


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