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Dilemma for insurance companies

Updated information on adviser business valuation changes

With on going changes to the insurance sector, you may be wondering what the changes mean for your adviser business. OR simply, you could be wondering what the worth of your client base is. Alternatively, you may be faced with inquiries from external stakeholders, whether it’s the bank, an accountant or potential investors who are struggling to understand the value of your business or your renewal income.

If this is the case, this exclusive event designed to educate advisers about valuations is for you. With Kurt Owen, Senior Accountant & Consultant at BASE, we are running a free valuation seminar on 7 August 2019, in Ellerslie.  We will talk about:

  • Exploring the factors that make a valuation necessary
  • The ways an adviser may use a credible valuation
  • The relevance of valuations in relation to current issues
  • The effect of recent agency and commission changes on valuations
  • The marketplace for adviser businesses - and some of the experience of advisers in buying and selling

Click here to register for our Auckland seminar


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