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Chatswood Consulting Diversity Statement

As required by our agreement with an important customer, Chatswood has reviewed its commitment to diversity, and publishes this statement of policies intended to support our goal of a diverse and inclusive workplace. We take this seriously, as well as being what a decent business does, we also believe that it delivers an important breadth of perspective. If we can overcome unconscious bias in our workplace, it makes us better industry analysts - overcoming all sorts of cognitive biases is a skill we can practice and grow better at in a number of ways. We see to encourage participation in our business of people from different backgrounds, as well as make it possible to raise issues of barriers or behaviour that may stand in the way of that. A brief overview of our report is below:

  • Gender-based measures: out of seven staff and contractors 4 are female, 3 male. The ratio is 1:1 at director level
  • Treatment of migrants/ethnicities: four of us were born in another country – roughly consistent with the average for Auckland, where it is just under 50%
  • Disabilities: none of our staff are subject to significant physical disabilities. Our current office may not meet our future accessibility requirements
  • Sexuality: anonymous surveys and access to all directors and management provide reasonable ability to raise any concerns about discrimination or behaviour



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