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Jarden on New Zealand's Climate Change Policies: 'bringing a plastic fork to a gunfight'

Nigel Brunel, Director of Institutional Communications at OMF (owned by Jarden) describes our main climate change policy:

"NZ’s Climate Change Weapon - Why Our ETS Is A Plastic Fork For A Gun Fight"

In his piece, which is not a long read, and if you aren't at the climate strike and still feel that more needs to be done to reduce emissions of carbon and get on a sustainable track, then taking a moment to read this might be just the thing, just for today. Brunel feels strongly that although the move to a net carbon zero economy is often painted as an economic headwind, it will generate winners and losers, like most changes. In the end of course, unmitigated climate change only creates losers... Nevertheless, Brunel states clearly: 

"The New Zealand Government is not alone in needing to be more blunt and upfront about the magnitude of the changes needed to meet the commitments and targets set. The changes and the costs (or benefits) of them will impact every economy, every market, consumer and investor around the globe."

As Greta Thunberg chided world governments for not doing enough, and she is right, we know also that to some extent that is simply because we are all not doing enough,  as supported by these reports: from The Economist, and this stack of data from Our World in Data to add to the pile. 


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