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Change the belief of “Insurance is sold, not bought”

The development of insurance technology in Japan has been lagging behind other countries despite them having the second latest insurance market in the world. 

Here is an interview with Kazuya Hata, the Founder & CEO of JustInCase.

'Given the continuous rising trend of the use of smartphones, new or used, as well as the push for turning into a cashless society from Japanese government, justInCase launched its first product which was the smartphone insurance in 2018. Not only was it the first insurance in Japan which can be enrolled, managed and claimed through mobile app, it is also embedded AI-based technology which is applied to analyze actions that may cause smartphone damages and reflect the corresponding risk by scoring. The higher the score user has, the higher premium discount they can enjoy in the following contract period given no claims reported in the current contract period.'

Critically, Kazuya Hata stated that their objective was to change the underlying belief that insurance is sold, not bought. 


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