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FMA Release Transitional Licence Standard Conditions

The link below is to the FMA's newly released transitional licence conditions document.

Download FSLAA-transitional-licence-standard-conditions

If you are keen, you may also with to check out the regulatory impact statement (14 pages) and a summary of the submissions from the consultation (116 pages). There were only 30 submissions. To check out those details go to this link and choose the item on standard conditions. 

Returning to the subject of transitional licence conditions. This is obviously especially relevant to insurers, indeed any product providers, that will manage relationships with adviser businesses seeking transitional licences. It is even more important to you if you are about to apply for a transitional licence or a full licence.

Note also that I consider that the provisions around record keeping and internal complaints are such that one could believe that these conditions express an FMA view about what all Financial Services businesses should be meeting, not just those seeking a transitional FAP licence.



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