Transitional Licensing Conditions Submissions Review
Australia: NAB to pay $49.5m in compensation related to credit insurance sales

For advisers: question every practice

I usually describe rather than prescribe when talking about advice. But this time I have to make an exception. The lack of discussion or engagement about, say transitional licensing conditions is worrying. To echo other headlines, the time to engage in compliance assurance is right now. I see signs of a lack of record-keeping, a lack of good service definition, an absence of privacy policies, a lack of peer review in advice. One adviser emailed me this morning to say that he knows many advisers who are really just focused on justifying what they do rather than changing what they do. That is a dangerous path. You may find it possible to walk it quite a long way - perhaps even all the way through transition - but what good would that do if systemic compliance failures result in a total loss of your business in two years' time? Getting an audit on your compliance assurance programme is a good idea right now. The worst that can happen is you spend a little money for little value. But it is far more likely you will receive a good to-do list. That would be useful. 


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