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Assessing the validity of medical studies

Associate professor Hassan Vally, from Melbourne's La Trobe University has created a checklist to determine the validity of a study. Things to assess are:

  1. Has the research been peer reviewed?
  2. Was the study conducted in humans?
  3. Are findings likely to represent a causal relationship?
  4. What is the size of the effect? 
  5. Is the finding corroborated by other studies?

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Australia: SOAs the digital way

A lot of time goes into producing statements of advice (SOAs) - and yet not everyone who receives advice in New Zealand receives an SOA today. Advisers can cut the time they spend on producing SOAs via automation - the focus on the tool is probably overdone, first focus on what you want to achieve. Digitalising the process to create an easy to read document, with greater relevance and meaning, should increase the number of clients that read it. The Financial Planning Association in Australia recently established a working group with a focus on digital SOAs. Click here to read more. Although standards can be useful, I would choose to try and develop something unique if you can: off the shelf automation tools can still make it easy to produce, and then you have an SOA which doesn't look like everyone else's. 


Insurance companies receive awards for quality service

The Reader’s Digest Quality Service Awards were recently held and presented 40 gold and 40 silver outstanding businesses across sectors including insurance, retirement villages, loyalty cards, campervan rentals, department stores, and internet providers.

Southern Cross received a gold award for health and life insurance, while AA Insurance received silver for life insurance, and nib took silver for health insurance. 

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Partners Life campaign nominated for Stoppies Awards

Partners Life have been nominated for Campaign of the Year award for their “Get Life Right” campaign at the annual Stoppies Awards. The campaign has reached 4.1m viewers and worked to increase brand awareness from 17% to 25%. Partners Life have announced that they will be taking a break from TV during the Christmas advertising period but intend to continue airing advertisements in the new year.

Asteron Life's Latest News

Asteron Life have introduced a 'Fast Track Offer of Terms' option. Here is more detail:


Asteron Life have also launched Mandarin-translated brochures. These were launched as a result of adviser feedback to better serve the Chinese community. At this stage only Life and Trauma brochures are available in Mandarin.


Product Research Database Update

QPRV12_9 is now live, this version includes the following changes:

  • Updates to policy documents and ratings for the below:
  • Accuro SmartCare ACC7124 08/2019
  • Accuro SmartCare+ ACC7125 08/2019
  • AMP RPP NZPD00291 TraumaPlus 2017
  • AMP RPP NZPD0305 Trauma 10/2019
  • Asteron Continuous Trauma accessible through TBB