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Merger between HealthLink and Konnect NET

Below is the release about the merger between HealthLink and Konnect NET:


9 December 2019

HealthLink and Konnect NET to merge to form Clanwilliam Health

Auckland-based healthcare technology companies HealthLink and Konnect NET are merging to form a new organisation named Clanwilliam Health.

The merger will take place over December 2019 and January 2020 and will see Konnect NET staff move from their Freemans Bay office to HealthLink’s current premises in Newmarket.

Clanwilliam Health will be led by the same team that has successfully led both HealthLink and Konnect NET for several years.

Michelle Creighton, CEO of HealthLink, will serve as CEO of Clanwilliam Health and Mike Weiss, CEO of Konnect NET, will serve as deputy CEO. They will be supported by a leadership team drawn from both businesses.

HealthLink and Konnect NET have been part of the Dublin-headquartered Clanwilliam Group family of businesses since 2017 and 2018 respectively.

Beginning in 2017, Clanwilliam Group has invested in excess of NZ$100 million in the Australasian healthcare technology market. Clanwilliam Group remains committed to investing in strong and innovative healthcare technology businesses that support clinicians in delivering great care to their patients.

Clanwilliam Health will be the anchor for Clanwilliam Group’s continued growth, innovation and investment in the Australasian market.


Stronger together

Combining the strengths of two great companies will create a financially stronger business that is better able to invest in its products, people and customer service.

It will be business as usual for HealthLink and Konnect NET customers with no change to the current products, services and support.

Ms Creighton says the merger formalises the sense of partnership the two organisations already enjoy.

“It’s the blending of two teams who share a common vision of innovation to improve patient outcomes. Together we can better execute Clanwilliam Group’s vision of making healthcare better for everyone.”

She says together they will strengthen their solution offerings to the sector.

“We’re already capitalising on that with a joint development project that we look forward to sharing with the market in 2020.”


Best of both businesses

Mr Weiss says the drive behind both HealthLink and Konnect NET is to create better health outcomes for patients.

“We have passionate people from both organisations who already share this common purpose.”

He says they have the support of a great leadership team to capitalise on the best of what both businesses have to offer.

“The extensive network reach and platform capabilities of HealthLink offers Konnect NET even greater opportunity to add value to our SureMed customers.”




The market leading healthcare system integrator in Australia and New Zealand.

Nearly all secure clinical communications across the New Zealand healthcare system are carried via HealthLink and it’s the largest provider of secure clinical messaging services in Australia.

Konnect NET:

Konnect NET was established in 2008 and its SureMed product is used by major New Zealand insurers to manage health information requests for underwriting and claims. Konnect NET has a growing presence in the Hong Kong market.

For more information please contact:

Maggie McNaughton

HealthLink & Konnect NET publicist

021 613198




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