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Partners Life announces a long list of product enhancements

Partners Life has an impressively long list of policy wording changes made. Arguably, each of the individual items is small, and some merely clarify, but in sum the changes are significant, and clarity is good and should always be an aim. I particularly liked the change to the intensive care benefit, as an example, as I saw a particularly unfortunate claim where the client failed to meet the strict definition, but should have qualified. This change makes that unfortunate circumstance less likely. I also liked the changes to definitions of income and full time. The addition of the change to include removal of a major portion of the colon is a valuable addition to the loss of a major organ schedule, and increasingly common in the case of bowel cancer. 

You can find full details of the changes at this link here.

Partners Life have released this video summarising some of the most significant product changes made effective 9 December.


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