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If you are one of those insurance advisers that has written on the back of their card that you "specialise in all kinds of insurance" then I'm sorry, but I think you need some new business cards. You aren't specialising if you do everything.

It's easy to get caught up with the idea of being attractive to large numbers of people. There are about 2.7 million kiwis that can afford and probably need some insurance. Perhaps you feel that you don't want your business card to turn any of them away. But that isn't your big problem. Largely, these people are apathetic about insurance as recent FSC research painfully underlines. Besides, you don't need that many - you need just a few to really want to deal with you.

That's your big problem. In fact it's our big problem - the industry, insurers, advisers, group providers, HR departments, and more.

While we spend our time obsessed with being attractive to as many people as possible, we become mediocre, and fail to stand out enough to get the attention of even a few motivated souls that would see something that makes them think "that's the one, I think I'd actually like to talk to them."


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