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Insurance reporting 101: insurer bad, client good

Take the article at this link, as an example: "Insurers may not pay out for coronavirus-related claims" Click here to read it at the site of Insurance Business NZ. The depressing thing is that the people interviewed in the article were actually talking about all the ways they will pay out - for example, if your travel is disrupted. The one circumstance under which they won't pay is this: 

“If your travel arrangements aren’t affected by the outbreak, but you have changed your mind or are nervous about travelling, there is no provision to claim under your policy.”

That's it. Horror of horrors, you aren't insured for changing your mind, but that gets made into the headline. One might be forgiven for thinking that the media had some sort of briefing card which says "insurance companies are always - always - to be painted in the worst possible light - select your headlines accordingly"


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