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Why a life and health adviser likes providing travel insurance advice - for free

Talking with an adviser the other day I was told why they like to offer travel insurance advice - even though they make no money from doing so. What they do is maintain a one page guide to travel insurance, and on the back, provide a comparison of the major travel insurer's policies, including the key sub-limits and exclusions. They update it quarterly and mail it out. Apparently its a hit. The reasons they give are: 

  1. Their best clients travel overseas every year, so they are always interested, and grateful for the input into the decision-making process
  2. It's added value, and completely independent because the adviser doesn't sell it, so its a great trust-builder
  3. It demonstrates expertise, showing the kind of thinking the adviser puts into their other work
  4. It reminds the client that the market is always more complicated than it first appears - underlining the need for advice
  5. It is a simple way to introduce wider concepts - such as excess levels, how much self-insurance one is comfortable with, and what service levels you are looking for from an insurer



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