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Thank you to all the advisers we saw in the recent Getting in Shape seminars

I really appreciate seeing so many advisers at the recent Getting in Shape seminars run by the FSC. It was great for us to see you. For those we had a chance to talk with - it was especially good to have conversations about advice process, valuations, transitional licensing, and all those good things. There is no one-size fits all approach to compliance, as I think the panel discussions showed. 

Special thanks to the advisers that gave up their time and shared generously their experience of preparing their businesses for the new regime: Peter Rickards, Tim Fairbrother, Peter Leitch, Camilla Gribble, Anand Srinivasan, John Bolton, Brendon Neal, Peter Cave, Kieran Sutherland, Paula Jones, Fiona Keenan, Mike Tonks, and Richard Thomas. 

I also very much appreciate the work of the FSC and Financial Advice New Zealand in setting up the roadshow and providing great content. Richard Klipin, David Bishop, Naomi Simpson, Katrina Shanks, Andrew Gunn, and all the folks back in the offices that didn't come on tour but helped to make it a success too. 

Mark Banicevich, thanks for stepping up on the Wednesday and being the master of ceremonies. 

The photo below is from the Dunedin event on Wednesday. 

Photo 3


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