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Impact of Coronavirus on New Zealand Insurers - updated

Can they tell what you meant?

Would someone reading one of your plans in a couple of year’s time know what you intended and why? Would they understand the choices you made? The rationale? See what you did with the cover amounts? The product selection? The company selection? Even if they disagree with them, would they be able to see your logic for doing so? Could they clearly see the difference between the recommendation and the choices made by the client to hit a limited budget? Or what about the areas you decided to leave to client preference? Could they look at what you did and see why? 

It is a deliberate challenge. You are not alone in this. 

In my business journey over the last 20 years I have learned to write much better notes – even if I expect that they are only to be read by me in the future, it is remarkable how often they are needed, and how often they are read by other people. Sometimes they are making their own challenges: why did you recommend this? Was that right? 



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