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Virus suppression without a lockdown? Can it be done? It can, and has been:

In fact, it is being done, in South Korea. You can check out the now weird normality of a country which has successfully suppressed COVID-19 without shutting down at this link. It is well worth a read. 

Interesting to compare their figures to ours: at 9,876 cases in a population of 51 million SK has 0.019% infection rate. At today's date we have 708 cases in a population of 4.5 million for a 0.016% infection rate. Let's hope that our initial lockdown gives time for us to catch up to their levels of testing, tracking, and tracing - and then we can get back to something more like normality. 

This is the shape of the SK curve.

SK curve at 1 April Johns Hopkins

You can check out at this excellent dashboard by Johns Hopkin University and Medicine. Also see the post below on modelling the impacts of the virus. 


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