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Asteron Life: Extending the relief available to more customers

Asteron Life have announced that they are extending the Premium Holiday benefit for Business Insurance and Smart Business lump sum covers, with a three month holiday limit. Customer's cover will remain active and claims can still be made.

It is now also possible for a Premium & Cover suspension benefit on all disability covers. With this benefit, the cover is suspended, and claims cannot be made. It allows the customer to reinstate all benefits of the cover within a 12-month period. All standard Premium & Cover suspension reinstatement terms apply, including that no benefit will be payable for any claim affected by any sickness or injury (including signs or symptoms) experienced at the time the cover is reinstated.


Asteron Life are also offering support to customers who have previously accessed premium relief prior to COVID-19, they will be allowing these clients who have previously used their premium relief benefits to apply for one additional Covid-19 specific use. Any second use of a Premium Holiday benefit will be limited to a maximum of three months.


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