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Potential threat to our home office setups

Those of us that have been working from home know the importance of using video chatting tools such as Zoom to stay connected with clients and team members. Our home setups may not be equipped with the same level of security as our office computers. With the increase in virtual meetings, it is key to understand that cyber-attacks  have been on the rise overseas and to prepare ourselves.

“Digital hygiene may be just as important as hand washing over these next few months as Kiwis settle into their home offices and use personal computers for business - something which could present a massive opportunity to scammers and cyber-attackers.

The practice of ‘zoom-bombing’ has already led Zoom to install a number of security measures aiming to prevent unwanted visitors in video calls, but, according to tech and cyber underwriter Delta Insurance, the ramifications of a more serious security breach for a business working from home could be serious.” Click here to read more about defending against common attack types

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