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Insurance timeline data: who did what, when

Some of our regular readers may have noticed that Chatswood has been busy re-jigging our news service - the changes that you have see in this blog, to pick a lead item for news, and list other news items with links below, and steadily post those through the week is just the tip of the iceberg, however. Jerusalem Hibru, who has recently celebrated her first year full-time with Chatswood, has been doing a great job of combing through the daily stream of news. We have expanded our sources, hunting out more newsletters, web-sites, and advisers to help keep us up to date. Jerusalem receives a daily feed of regulatory and legal news compiled by Rob Dowler to add to the news feed. This feed is then added to a news database, recently developed by Fran to formalise the collection. Also added to the database are product changes and pricing changes. This system has been in development for about six months now. In addition to the current daily flow of data we have been loading history into the database.

What are the features of all this activity? How does it help you?

Our first aim is to ensure the most comprehensive overview of news relating to life and health insurers and organisations that have a significant stake in or affect on that sector. That enables us to improve the products that rely on these news items - most importantly the quarterly life and health sector review. This complements the improved financial sector reporting that Wanyi Yang has been helping us deliver over the past year. Progressively over the last few quarters subscribers have seen expanded news sections for each insurer. This quarter the emphasis on data collection at the time the news is collected means that we will automate the production of the company news reports - further reducing scope for transcription and editorial error. It also opens up opportunities for additional services. We now have a strong library of insurer company reports, including news, and main strengths and weaknesses, which are useful for anyone who is making or stating a recommendation for an insurer. Further, for insurers that wish to explore, say, the history on a subject, we can now query our database, rather than have to leaf through previous reports. A question such as all price changes for IP products in the last two years can easily now be run as a query. If we then want to expand that to include IP product news, that can easily be added to the same extract. We can also easily define the scope of the insurers to include in that query. We can base extracts on themes: such as everything an insurer has stated with regard to conduct. 

It is part of a progressive revision of all the syndicated research that we produce. There will be further changes as we proceed through the work plan. It has also been a great process to enable more collaboration between different members of the Chatswood team. Do let me know if you have feedback on the changes, or ideas about how you would like to make use of the information. 



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