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ANZIIF to offer conduct and culture training course, and more daily news

It has been announced that ANZIIF will offer Building Integrity, a conduct and culture training course. The course is focused on the FMA’s view on conduct, conduct issues, consequences and improving customer outcomes.

“ANZIIF has announced a new training course for insurance professionals in New Zealand called Building Integrity, which will focus on conduct and culture issues across the sector.

ANZIIF says the course is designed to educate insurance players on the FMA’s view of conduct, and it will explore what conduct issues exist, the consequences that may come with them, and how an insurance professional or organisation can develop a strategy to improve customer outcomes.”

Rebecca Slingo, general manager, learning has said the course is recommended to anyone in the industry. The duration of the course is 90 minutes and covers five different sections:

  • fire & general
  • underwriting
  • broking
  • claims
  • life insurance

“General manager, learning, Rebecca Slingo says the course is “highly recommended” to anyone in the industry looking to make improvements to their customer service.”

“The Building Integrity training course has five sections, and takes approximately 90 minutes to complete. It is designed for insurance professionals across different regions, and covers multiple areas of insurance including fire & general, underwriting, broking, claims and life insurance.” Click here to read more

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