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Details on Financial Advice NZ Money Week, and more daily news

Financial Advice NZ’s Money Week will begin on August 10 2020. This year there will be two initiatives in place. This first will be focused around working with the FMA to hold an interactive day to help the public better their financial understanding. The second initiative will be a webinar to discuss different aspects of personal finances.

The first: we're working with the FMA to hold an interactive day at The Base Mall in Hamilton on Saturday 15 August from 9-5pm. We'll be providing a space for the public to get a better understanding of all things financial. We'll also have people there to answer any questions (general advice) the public may have. If you're a local adviser and would like to join the FMA and myself for an hour or two, please email Jasmina Nagar

The second initiative: to host a public-facing webinar every day of that week from 11am-12pm to discuss five topics around personal finance. We're hoping to engage the public to seek financial advice and increase their financial health, wealth and well-being. Watch this space for more information and the marketing campaign that will support this initiative.”

In other news:

Over 900 transitional licenses have been issued with more than 300 issued to Authorised Bodies

Over 6,700 advisers have been attached to a transitional licence,  meaning 75% of advisers have made a decision on the FAP transitional licence they will operate under

FSC: Navigating Regulation 

AMP: Aussie advisers to file class action against AMP


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