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Part two of the results of the FMA’s investor confidence survey have been revealed.  Although the focus is on investment, it is interesting to see the current thinking of New Zealanders in terms of accessing financial advice. The survey found that males are more likely to seek out an adviser. Although only 17% of respondents were Asian, they made up 30% of the total respondents that would seek help from an adviser. Gillian Boyes, FMA investor capability manager has said that more people are looking for financial information. 

“Those looking for an adviser were significantly more likely to be male – at 63% compared to 49% across all investors, with investments outside KiwiSaver, working full-time and more confident in New Zealand financial markets. Nearly 30% of those looking for an adviser were Asian – Asian people were just 17% of the survey respondents.


FMA investor capability manager Gillian Boyes said advisers would need to try to tap into other markets and find people who were not necessarily even thinking about investment advice now.


She said people were generally much more engaged and looking for information about investment and finances. “It’s an ideal time for advisers to reach out.””

During Money Week, Financial Advice will run a joint event with the FMA at The Base in Hamilton to address questions the public may have around money.

“The FMA and Financial Advice NZ will run an event during money week at which people will be encouraged to bring their money questions to advisers at The Base shopping mall in Hamilton.” Click here to read more

In other news:

Financial Advice: Financial Advice set to hold hour-long webinar every day of Money Week for consumers

Financial advice: Money week webinars are as follows:

·       Monday 10th: Financial Planning – Hannah McQueen

·       Tuesday 11th: Mortgage Discussion – John Bolton

·       Wednesday 12th: Insurance Discussion – Peter Leitch

·       Thursday 13th: Retirement Planning – Liz Koh

·       Friday 14th: Investment Discussion – Paul Sewell

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Partners Life: Expressions of interest now open for our 3 day New Adviser Training Course - August 2020

FMA: Proposed standard conditions consultation submissions close 5pm on Friday 7 August 2020




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