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Income security scheme?

Late last year a Productivity Commission report suggested different forms of income insurance to boost income security. Economists and social scientists are worried that a lack of income security, coupled with an increasing proportion of the population that rents, is a driver for a variety of social problems such as homelessness, chronic illness, and the kind of family chaos that wrecks childhoods – and therefore sets up a self-perpetuating cycle of deprivation across generations. Establishing some unemployment insurance, or a ‘portable redundancy account’ as the productivity commission calls it reminds me of another recommendation made during the last term of the Clark labour-led government: for ACC to be expanded to manage long-term sick leave. 

Given the recent news about massive losses on income protection products from Australia you might be forgiven for thinking that government intervention might be a relief – but ceding ever more areas of financial services provision to government is hardly a strategy for growth. Even a limited scheme could further confuse the market about the need for income insurance when breadth of participation in a product is one of the fundamentals required for a healthy marketplace.

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