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On not giving advice

Tony Vidler posted a great article on not giving advice. The essential premise is that the client may not want you to give formal advice - or even informal advice - but rather, simply act as a good sounding board for their own decision-making process. This connects strongly to my lived experience. Accountants, lawyers, fellow consultants, have all performed at their best when avoiding the quick move into the prescriptive, the planning, and the acting space. Not always, some times speed is vital, but not nearly so often as it is supposed. More often, asking good questions is the foundation for better decision-making - and not all of those decision have to be made by the adviser. In fact, the decision a client has the most emotional commitment to, is the one they choose through a guided discovery process. They appreciate the guidance, they know the discovery would not have been made without the presence of the trusted adviser. They really own the choice. How do I know? Because I have been in the place of both the client, seeking help in my own business, and the adviser, helping others with theirs. 


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