Legal and regulatory news update for the life and health insurance sector
Legal and regulatory update for the life and health insurance sector

COVID-19 crisis lessons for risk planning, and more daily news

After the Alert Level was eased to Level 1, New Zealanders returned to life as normal but after months of normalcy we were all shocked to discover that there was a COVID-19 resurgence and Aucklanders found themselves in lockdown once again. Adviser Peter Leitch recently spoke of the importance of having insurance. Peter said the recent developments has worked to remind people of the very real chances of unexpected events occurring and the consequences the will follow if people don’t have protection in place. 


When discussing the recent events Peter highlighted that people are often aware of the best course of action after the fact. During Financial Advice’s Money Week, Peter highlighted the importance of consulting a professional adviser and encouraged the public to seek out information relating to different insurance types and the cover they offer as well as understanding the claims process. 

“Money Week 2020 wrapped up earlier this month, and at the same time, New Zealand experienced its second outbreak of COVID-19 in the community - something financial adviser and insurance expert Peter Leitch says has once again demonstrated the importance of having protection, and of making good financial decisions.


With Auckland back in Alert Level 3, Leitch says this fresh outbreak has reminded everyone that unexpected events can happen overnight, and have potentially significant consequences. Partnering with Financial Advice New Zealand for Money Week, he urged consumers to inform themselves about different types of insurance, what they protect against and the claims process, and he also emphasised the value of having an adviser guiding them along the way.


“Recent events have shown us that things can happen unexpectedly, and we’re hoping for the best with the developing situation here in New Zealand,” Leitch commented. “We’re always cleverer in hindsight, and we always wish we may have done something prior to an event occurring.”” Click here to read more

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