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The Southern Cross Futures Report 2020 has found that Millennials and Gen Z are unhappy with several aspects of their lives including friendships, social lives and wellbeing. The study revealed the number of dissatisfied Millennials and Gen Z participants outweighed the dissatisfied participants in other generations.

“Nearly half of young adults are dissatisfied with their friendships, social lives and overall wellbeing, a survey has found.

The Southern Cross Healthy Futures Report 2020 looked at the mental health of Kiwis aged 18 to 29. Fifty one per cent of them were concerned about being lonely compared with 38 per cent of the average adult population.”

The study also revealed that suicide, cost of living, access to mental health services, and violence were issues concerning Millennials and Gen Z. Dr Stephen Child, Southern Cross chief medical officer credits exposure to unrealistic lifestyles in the media as being a contributing factor to dissatisfaction, with people comparing their reality to their expectations that are influenced by what is portrayed in the media.

“The issues weighing most heavily on young millennials and Gen Zers’ minds were suicide, the cost of living, access to mental health services, and violence, the study conducted by Colmar Brunton on behalf of Southern Cross revealed.

Southern Cross chief medical officer Dr Stephen Child said the level of happiness people felt was often related to how closely their reality matched their expectations.

“If people’s expectations are higher than their reality, they can be unhappy. Generally, advertising, television, music videos over the last 30 to 40 years have all been selling and projecting expectations that are unreal.”” Click here to read more

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