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Sweet sixteen...

Today the Chatswood Moneyblog turns sixteen. Hurrah! This blog is a rare thing: specialising in content for managers of life and health insurers and the financial advisers that give opinions on the use of those products.

I have great fun writing blog, although regular readers will notice more guest contributions these days from Rob Dowler and regular news updates from Jerusalem Hibru as pressure of work now limits my time for writing the blog. In spite of the wealth of data that comes with online marketing, I cannot meaningfully estimate how valuable this activity is. It is immensely valuable. I particularly love the interaction it has given me with advisers, managers, reinsurers, regulators, and journalists as we have shared sources and stories. Sometimes the best things have come out of some robust discussions about content. Whatever your views, I love to hear from you. Do feel free to write or call. 

I like to celebrate this anniversary by encouraging two things. The first is that if you have been considering blogging, vlogging, creating podcasts, or other such content strategies I commend them to you. Get started as in this skill, learning by doing is a great strategy - then quickly follow that up by getting help. The second thing is that if you wish to make a guest post on the blog, here is your invitation. Bear in mind that we like to stick to matters of interest to our audience - an especially valuable guideline in an exceptional year. 

Lastly, thank you for being a reader of this blog, it was literally made for you and without you, it doesn't matter. 


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