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Cygnus Law guide to financial advice service disclosure

Cygnus Law published a guide for financial advisers on the impending disclosure requirements. The document provides an overview of the new requirements, it outlines the general information that is needed to be outlines and the specific disclosure requirements.

Cygnus Law is a law firm based in Auckland City and offers legal services relating to commercial dealings.  Key services include:

  • Practical help to support new and established financial service providers to meet regulatory requirements and commercial objectives
  • Support for businesses to establish and succeed through effective commercial agreements, transactions and compliance
  • Help to understand the law’s impact on your business and how the law can be used to achieve commercial solutions

The overview of an advice business’s disclosure requirements explores who is responsible for disclosing, the type of information that must be disclosed, when the information is required, the amount of information, commission disclosures, conflicts of interest, information updates, and other things to consider.

General information to be disclosed provides insight into the general matters relevant to each disclosure stage. While the specific disclosure information to be disclosed section provides an outline of specific information that is required to be disclosed at each stage.

 Download Cygnus Law Disclosure Guide


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