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FSC Generations Journalists Panel

Interesting to hear the journalists panel talk at the FSC conference. Lots of commentary on the election campaign, less that is directly relevant to the financial services sector, but some big themes looming in the background: tax cuts and debt.

This contrasted significantly with the interview with James Shaw, Co-leader of the Green Party that had a lot of discussion of the proposed law to require reporting on assets that can be affected by climate change. That is immediately relevant to every fund manager and insurers. As an investor I am interested - it can be difficult to understand possible exposure clearly in many companies, let alone funds that invest widely. It is a valid criticism of investing through index trackers that you are bound to buy a bunch of shares in industries that we know will suffer a lot of disruption over the next couple of decades.

After James Shaw, we had Emma Mellow, candidate for Auckland Central for the National Party. Emma is someone I have worked with through FSC conference committee. Her background, work ethic, and practical focus on what matters are clearly excellent. I live in the Northcote electorate, but if I did live in Auckland Central I know that I would have a great representative in Emma Mellow if she were elected. 

Journalists Panel October 15 FSC Conference


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