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Partners Life has been awarded a 5 star rating from the Lewers Life Insurance Benchmarks Study for the 10thconsecutive year. This award is symbolic for Partners Life as it has been awarded a 5 star rating every year since first beginning operations. The Lewers Life Insurance Benchmarks Study works to evaluate the satisfaction of independent financial advisers.

“For the 10th year in a row, we’re very excited to announce we have received a 5-star rating from the Lewers Life Insurance Benchmarks Study.  What makes this extra special is that we have achieved this rating every year since we first opened our doors 10 years ago; the only Life Insurer to achieve a consistent 5-star rating over this entire time.

The Lewers Life Insurance Benchmarks Study measures the satisfaction of independent financial advisers in New Zealand, and this achievement reaffirms for us that we are servicing our financial advisers and as a result their customers, to the highest industry standard.”

More than 300 advisers from across the country participated in the study. Partners Life anticipated a lot of feedback as a result of many changes and amendments being introduced during the past year. Partners Life has acknowledged that the response from other insurers and has said that it is essential for sustainability.

“The Lewers Life Insurance Benchmarks Study was completed by over 300 independent advisers across the country who provided their views on the delivery of all insurance providers in the New Zealand market. In 2020 they spoke to a larger cross section of advisers who deal with Partners Life than in previous years; a critical element in gaining greater depth of feedback on the initiatives we introduced over the past 12 months. We knew that some of the changes we had introduced in the past 12 months would garner significant feedback. Specifically we anticipated there would be a strong reaction to our leadership position in introducing DI product and pricing changes in early 2020 to address the sustainability of the product in the New Zealand market long-term, and we really do appreciate your feedback on how we were placed competitively because of this.  It is heartening to us to see that since the study was completed, there has been significant competitor movement to follow our lead – something we believe is essential for the sustainability of this product line.”

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