Legal and regulatory update for the life and health sector
Legal and regulatory update for the life and health insurance sector

Partners Life announce MUM Application Pack launch, and more daily news

Partners Life has launched the MUM Application Pack. This pack works to simplify the recordkeeping process. The pack is designed to email advisers Personal Statement of disclosures and an updated quote letter after a MUM application is submitted. The letter will include detailed application information.

“Collating a client’s documents for your records has thus far been a multi-step process requiring you to save a client’s quote and personal statement separately. We have also received feedback that additional information (for example client contact details) is required in the documents outputted from MUM to ensure accuracy and completeness of your records. We have taken all this feedback on board and are happy to announce today the launch of the MUM Application Pack.

The MUM Application Pack is generated and emailed to you after submitting a MUM application. This happens automatically and removes the need to generate and save documents while busy with your client – they’ll be waiting for you in your inbox.

The Application Pack email generated by MUM combines each client’s individual Personal Statement of disclosures (labelled individually for easy record keeping) as well as a new updated quote letter containing a client’s comprehensive application information. This new quote letter includes the following features:

  • The quoted benefits and sums insured used to apply for cover
  • Client contact details captured into MUM during the application process
  • Policy ownership details captured into MUM during the application process
  • Premium payment details
  • Existing insurance covers captured into MUM during the application process
  • For covers accepted by MUM: any special terms (loadings, exclusions etc.) will be displayed
  • For clients that require further underwriting: an explanatory note will indicate further underwriting assessment is required”

Additionally, advisers are now able to send clients a copy of their Personal Statement of disclosures from MUM.

“We are also adding new functionality into MUM making it easier than ever to get your clients a copy of their Personal Statement of disclosures. In addition to the existing functionality that allows you to download the Personal Statements, you will now be able to select the option to email each client their Personal Statement directly from MUM. This single-click option ensures each client will be emailed a copy of their Personal Statement, removing the need for you to download and save each document separately.”

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