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Legal and regulatory review for the life and health insurance sector

29 Mar 2021 – IRD released via an e-mail an AEOI update to the CRS Reportable and Participating Jurisdictions showing additions, with New Caledonia added to Reportable Jurisdictions and Albania, New Caledonia, Nigeria, Peru and Turkey added to Participating Jurisdictions.

29 Mar 2021 – Police Financial Intelligence Unit released the February 2021 Suspicious Activity Report. https://www.police.govt.nz/sites/default/files/publications/fiu-monthly-report-feb2021.pdf

29 Mar 2021 - Protected Disclosures (Protection of Whistleblowers) Bill reported back from Select Committee. https://www.parliament.nz/en/pb/bills-and-laws/bills-proposed-laws/document/BILL_99238/protected-disclosures-protection-of-whistleblowers-bill

Financial Markets Conduct (US Futures Commission Merchants) Exemption Notice 2021. The exemption notice temporarily extends exemptions currently in place for US registered futures commission merchants that are accredited NZX derivatives participants with the notice expiring on 3 December 2021. https://www.fma.govt.nz/compliance/exemptions/current-exemption-notices/financial-markets-conduct-act-exemptions/financial-markets-conduct-us-futures-commission-merchants-exemption-notice-2021/

24 Mar 2021 – RBNZ announced that it had made a number of amendment orders to revise the requirements for banks’ published disclosure statements. https://www.rbnz.govt.nz/regulation-and-supervision/banks/consultations-and-policy-initiatives/completed-policy-development/public-disclosure-of-bank-breaches

25 Mar 2021 – FMA updated and closed the consultation on the content of regulatory returns for licensed DI, MIS managers and DIMS providers, including a “response to submissions” document and release of regulatory returns data templates. https://www.fma.govt.nz/compliance/consultation/consultation-paper-content-of-regulatory-returns-for-licensed-di-mis-managers-and-dims-providers/

29 Mar 2021 - NZX gave notice of amendments to the NZX Derivatives Market Rules (Rules) pursuant to Rule 1.6. The amendments to the Rules were approved by the Financial Markets Authority on 15 February 2021, following consultation with the market in April 2020. These amendments involve updates to bring the Rules in conformance with the 2019 amendments to the NZX Participant Rules. https://www.nzx.com/announcements/369841

29 Mar 2021 – RBNZ advised that it had submitted a response to the Climate Change Commission’s Climate Action for Aotearoa consultation. https://www.rbnz.govt.nz/news/2021/03/reserve-bank-responds-to-call-for-climate-change-consultation


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