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Partners Life has announced expanded scope of service of the Client Engagement Team. The team was established to help advisers with customer retention and payment regulation. Recently Partners Life has decided to offer training and support to ensure the team becomes the first Nominated Representatives for Partners Life. The team will be responsible for providing customers with support regarding pricing issues and policy retention. The team will offer customers quotes for alternative Partners Life products and other retention options such as Premium Holidays and Policy Suspensions. Partners Life has made clear that advisers will be involved in the process. Advisers have the option of opting their clients out of this service. Advisers that have opted out of the current services of the team will automatically be opted out.

“A few years ago, we established our Client Engagement Team to assist our advisers with customer retention and arrears. To date they have done a fantastic job!

Throughout this time however, the team have had very little scope to have truly constructive conversations with clients due to the limitations of the type of financial advice they could give.

With the recent legislative changes, we have identified an opportunity to provide the appropriate training and support to our Client Engagement Team, enabling them to become the very first Nominated Representatives for Partners Life. This means they can begin to have robust conversations with our clients regarding affordability issues, while also being able to discuss all possible options available for the clients to keep their cover in place. This can range from providing quotes for alterations or discussing other retention options within our Partners Life products, such as Premium Holidays or Policy Suspensions.

The team will be limited to discussions around affordability of select Partners Life products only, and we will ensure we involve you as our client’s financial adviser. We will refer your clients to you in the first instance and keep you involved in all communications. In fact, if you would prefer that we don’t have these conversations with your clients, then you can choose to opt out of this offering.

Our Nominated Representative service will replace the existing arrears management service our Client Engagement Team currently offer. If you have already actively opted out of the existing service, you will automatically be excluded from the Nominated Representative service and will need to advise us if you wish to now be included in the Nominated Representative service. All other advisers will automatically be included in the new offering, and you will need to advise us if you wish to be excluded.” Click here to read more

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