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Partners Life has partnered with Banqer to offer 1,250 students access to the Banqer platform. Partners Life was also involved in the creation of the life and health insurance Banqer module. The new life and health module introduces students to private medical and income protection as a way of managing personal risk. Partners Life has highlighted that this partnership aligns with their core value of minimising the underinsurance gap in New Zealand. Chief Marketing Office Kris Ballantyne has stated that the partnership allows Partners Life to ensure students are offered current and specialist education.

“Partners Life was founded on a core focus of closing the underinsurance gap in New Zealand and over the past year we have reviewed our sponsorships to ensure they align with the purpose of reducing the gap – and one of the best ways we can do this is by investing our expertise in increasing the financial capability of young Kiwis. Increasing financial literacy and awareness of risk at a young age not only inspires them to be confident with money but it also has the potential for this knowledge to be passed on through families to create generational change.

Come with us on this new journey and explore how Partners Life and Banqer are working together to make financial education accessible to more Kiwi students

Not only has Partners Life lent their technical expertise to the creation of the life and health insurance module with Banqer, but our sponsorship also pays for an additional 1,250 students to access the platform at no cost. Research shows normalising lessons through education pathways is an important step towards developing financial capability from a young age. When students go through the Banqer modules they are placed in real-life situations where they make their own assessments, decisions, and deal with the ramifications. The goal is that they become inspired to be curious, creative, and confident with money.”

Partners Life Chief Marketing Office Kris Ballantyne says “We have worked with Banqer to develop the content for the module, which is great because we can influence what and how students learn, and make sure it is absolutely current and the best specialist education available.”

Partners Life’s support in offering a life and health insurance module, which introduces students to private medical and income protection as a means to manage personal risk, adds to existing content covering banking, employment, income, savings, KiwiSaver, purchasing property and fire and general insurance. In working with Banqer as the dedicated life insurance category Support Partner, Partners Life joins an illustrious group of existing supporters including Champion Partner Kiwibank and existing Support Partners, Jarden and the Insurance Council of New Zealand.

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Banqer partnership 28 June



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