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Financial Advice New Zealand Panel on Succession and Valuation

Succession planning for your business and how to value it - Financial Advice New Zealand Session

There has been unprecedented interest in business valuation - that's not just about a few retiring advisers: it is also a valuable management tool, it enables funding lines to be established for acquisition, and helps to address governance priorities. In the last two years the approach to valuation has tended to change to reflect larger business sizes, more diverse revenue streams and the current economic conditions. You will hear about all of these and more, including feedback from the market about current valuation ranges. 

Joining me will be Kurt Owen, of BASE Accounting, Malcolm Powell a retired financial adviser. 

Our experts discuss why, when, and how businesses are valued. Key questions to be answered include:

  • When do you need a valuation?
  • What is the benefit of a valuation?
  • How do you decide if you need a renewal, business, or a joint valuation?
  • How can you use a valuation?

This will be valuable for anyone looking at selling or buying their business. Members free, others $50+gst

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