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Covid-19 vaccines are effective

With billions of people vaccinated around the world we are now getting some robust numbers about vaccine effectiveness - which is very good - the following chart, using US data, shows powerfully that vaccination has reduced death rates from Covid-19 substantially. This from Our World in Data project on Covid-19 data tracking:

The United States has fully vaccinated 58% of its population, mostly with the mRNA vaccines produced by Pfizer and Moderna. Mortality data by vaccination status is published by the US CDC. This chart presents the COVID-19 death rate among unvaccinated people and among fully-vaccinated people. You can click the “Change age group” button on the top-left to explore data for a specific age group.

For more information about the effectiveness of vaccination please do go and check out the whole article on Covid-19 deaths by vaccination status available at this link (including a nice simple example, suitable for sharing to non-stats people, about the base rate fallacy):

Also, their wider work on covid-19 vaccinations is very helpful and may be a useful resource if you want to share data with vaccine hesitant people that you come across.



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