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The cost of care

Legal and regulatory update for the life and health insurance sector

17 Nov 2021 – FMA released three new self-assessment tools to help financial advice providers prepare for full licensing. The tools include:

  • Record keeping self-assessment tool
  • Cyber security and BCP self-assessment tool
  • Key outsourcing arrangements self-assessment tool

17 Nov 2021 – Under “FMA stories,” FMA released comment on its website on mandatory climate-related disclosures – a new regime for NZ and the FMA.

17 Nov 2021 – FMA consultation webpage updated in relation to the consultation completed on the “Proposed class exemption for restricted schemes from certain disclosure and reporting obligations.”

17 Nov 2021 – NZ Treasury published a paper titled “The Wealth Ladder: House Prices and Wealth Inequality in New Zealand.”

17 Nov 2021 – The Incorporated Societies Bill second reading was completed in Parliament.


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