Fidelity Life appoint new Business Managers, and more daily news
Covid-19: modelling risks comparing vaccinated and unvaccinated

Legal and regulatory update for the life and health insurance sector

2 Dec 2021 – Council of Financial Regulators released its quarterly statement following the meeting held on 30 Nov 2021, with key items of discussion being cyber resilience, the role of credit unions and building societies within the financial sector, and reports of the ongoing work in the priority areas of conduct and governance and financial inclusion. The group also discussed plans for the next meeting of the Trans-Tasman Banking Council to be held in early December.

3 Dec 2021 - FMA released CPA Australia and NZICA accredited body reports.

3 Dec 2021 – Ministry of Justice seeks feedback on political donation rules, with submissions closing on 25 Jan 2022.


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