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Advicemonster just got better

Quotemonster update and more daily news

Quotemonster has gone through a major upgrade over the weekend, including the following changes:

  • Big improvements to Advicemonster: much more document layout and content control to make your SOA more yours than ever before
  • Ease of use improvements: new menu structure so it is easier to find what you want (including more than 900 old policy documents, plus funeral plan research and more)
  • Clearer to read text and layout: making it easier to view the research
  • Simpler back-end billing processes: if you subscribe you should notice very quick response on the credit card billing and invoicing process

The upgrade has taken some time, of course. We continually monitor the site and check for issues with the newly installed features, but if you think something is not right and want to bring it to our attention, please let us know using the help function on the site, email, or call. If you need something urgently and just want it now you can always click the button to go back to the old site as an interim measure.

Try out the new Quotemonster site at your usual link.

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