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Medical Assurance Society launches new policy document technology

Medical Assurance Society has launched some cool new policy document technology. In summary:

  • They have recently completed our plain language review of policy documents
  • They have gone to an omnibus documents - for example creating a single document for their Professional Life Plan (PLP) where previously they had five documents
  • They are delivered electronically to - and they no longer print physical documents

I have checked out some of the changes and the ones I particularly like are:

Although I am not normally a fan of omnibus documents that contain wordings for every possible benefit, and you have to check your schedule to see which are include and which are not, MAS gets around one of the disadvantages with the internal menu system - so you  can easily jump to the right section for what you are covered for.

The other feature I really like is displaying the meaning for defined terms at the bottom of every page in which it is used.

Congratulations to Phil Belcher and everyone at MAS that was involved in the upgrade.

Example page below:

MAS policy document sample page June 2022



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