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FM Global releases resilience index - NZ rates 19th, and other news

FM Global has released its 2022 global resilience index which ranks 130 countries on how well they can cope with stress and disruption. FM Global ranked NZ 19th, with a score of 86.8.

The data aims to help inform strategic corporate decisions, like evaluating supply chains or new plant sites by evaluating the relative resilience of a country’s business environment.

The index uses 15 measures of resilience, with two new measures introduced this year focusing on Climate Risk Exposure – how much economic activity is susceptible to severe floods and winds; and Climate Risk Quality – ability to withstand such events through building codes and code enforcement.

While New Zealand ranks highly in terms of supply chain factor, ranked 7th with a score of 91.6 (infrastructure quality, control of corruption, corporate governance, supply chain visibility and supply chain timeliness) our risk quality is worse, with a ranking of 44th and score of 74.5, in part due to our low score of 8.2 on the Seismic Risk Exposure category.

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