Partners Life introduces new personal statement functionality, and more daily news

Partners Life has announced that advisers will be able to send clients secure links that allows them to complete their personal statements as part of the underwriting process. Advisers have the ability to track progress and can assist at any stage. Clients can access this function from 7 February.

“Introducing the ability to send your clients their Personal Statement to complete!

This new functionality allows you to send your clients a unique, secure link to complete their personal statement in their own time, on their own device. This ability for your clients to pre-complete their underwriting disclosures prior to your meeting can save time at the kitchen table and reduces the need for multiple client visits.

For advisers who may be selling to clients in a different geographical location, this assists you in providing clients access so that they can complete their own personal statement, enabling a smoother end-to-end advice and application process.

You will be able to track how your clients are getting on with completing their personal statements and can jump in at any stage should they need assistance.

We’re excited to show you how it works and have prepared a training video demonstrating this new functionality from an adviser and a client’s perspective.

We have also prepared a frequently asked questions (FAQ) document to answer any questions you may have. Click here to read them.

In other news

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Partners Life: Partners Life will be hosting webinar sessions to give a live demo of the new personal statement functionality on 9 February 10am – 11am and 15 February 1pm – 2pm