Great Play: Christ Almighty

Last night we enjoyed the hilarious "Christ Almighty" at the Basement Theatre. Having enjoyed last year's reindeer monologues so much we were sitters for the sequel. Effectively the same format - a series of monologues with a few instances of more than one cast member on stage.

Our cast included Sophie Henderson as the Angel Gabrielle, Keisha Castle-Hughes as Mary, and Danielle Cormack as all three wise men. Here's a link to a Herald review - which is pretty good, except, I reckon Christians can enjoy the play too, depending on your definition of blasphemy, rather than merely tolerate it. I bet plenty do.

You see, there is a difference between bawdy and blasphemous, and I feel that most of this play is hugely and delightfully bawdy. Even the poor buggered donkey introducing the idea that Mary's pregnancy was other than divine was merely echoing the obvious and understandable rumours of the day, and, fair to say, of sceptics ever since. It's said that doubt is a necessary component of faith - and you can have it with a laugh at Christ Almighty.

Illegal Downloaders

An in-law based in the UK who is also a lecturer in computer media gave me a passionate defence of various file-sharing services when I saw him over here last - I have to admit  was sceptical. However, reading this, I think there might be a bit more in what he said. As a producer of intellectual property I know how hard it is to make, protect, and I get upset when people pinch it. But what this correlation between downloading and purchasing does suggest is that commercial models online, for example, should give away more content to make more sales - which would help improve the incentives for users to abandon illegal services and adopt more legal ones.

This Year's Easter Controversy

Every Easter religion comes to the fore, as it should, in my view - this is a religious celebration. So every year the secular and the religious end up in a heightened state of conflict. My pick for this year's controversy is this one: Playmobil is apparently taking legal action after a Priest recreated scenes from the Bible using Playmobil models. Link

A string of pearls

It’s that time of year again!

What more pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon than listening to live music at the beautiful Pumphouse Theatre on the shores of Lake Pupuke?

This time it is the 30th anniversary performance of the North Shore Concert Band. Hence; pearls. I am, of course, about as musical as a dustbin. However, Fran (better half) has been a member for 16 of those years!


When: Sunday 12th October 2-4pm

Where: PumpHouse Theatre, off Killarney St, Takapuna

Tickets: $15 / $12 available on the door or on-line at

or just send me an email and I’ll get some for you.