Potential threat to our home office setups

Those of us that have been working from home know the importance of using video chatting tools such as Zoom to stay connected with clients and team members. Our home setups may not be equipped with the same level of security as our office computers. With the increase in virtual meetings, it is key to understand that cyber-attacks  have been on the rise overseas and to prepare ourselves.

“Digital hygiene may be just as important as hand washing over these next few months as Kiwis settle into their home offices and use personal computers for business - something which could present a massive opportunity to scammers and cyber-attackers.

The practice of ‘zoom-bombing’ has already led Zoom to install a number of security measures aiming to prevent unwanted visitors in video calls, but, according to tech and cyber underwriter Delta Insurance, the ramifications of a more serious security breach for a business working from home could be serious.” Click here to read more about defending against common attack types

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Latest news including: AIA Vitality updates

AIA has been helping clients stay active during the lockdown. AIA has modified how customers can earn points.

"With AIA Vitality at home, members can:

  • Earn up to 50 Points per day with online workouts: led by AIA Vitality Ambassadors Ian Jones, Laura Henshaw, Chris & Bec Judd and Sarah Piotrowski
  • Enjoy a 30 day free trial, plus 10% subscription discount, with Les Mills On Demand: gaining access to 13 fitness programs and over 800 of the world's best workouts
  • Track their activity with a new device: with 25% off across the Fitbit online store, in addition to 25% off on selected Garmin devices
  • Refresh their workout wardrobe with 40% off New Balance footwear and apparel: with a unique, single-use code available on purchases until 30 May 2020"

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Risk is real

A great tension affects the world of insurance. The first part of the tension is the recognition that risk is real, and the world is a dangerous place. That was felt immediately after the Canterbury earthquakes and again after Kaikoura. We are reminded of the importance of planning for disasters. Briefly, insurance becomes talked about: over the last few weeks stories about travel insurance were quickly followed by stories about life and health insurers. This is a moment when we can reassure those with cover that this is what we are here for. For those without the message is more complicated and must be nuanced: people need cover, and we are allowed to talk about that idea, but it is vital to get that tone right. Here is a link to my latest piece in Asset magazine, now available online, which covers some of this territory.