Tony Vidler: doubts that insurance churn is such a big issue

Here is an article from Tony Vidler discussing the churn of life and health insurance in NZ, and why he feels it is not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. There are some well-made points in here - for example, there are big trends towards more choice and greater consumer propensity to switch in all sorts of products (cars, houses, even once very stable banking relationships are more open to change). 

Fidelity Life to reduce plastic wastage

Fidelity Life have announced that they are changing the way they package applications forms and other stationery sent to advisers based on the feedback they have received. They are getting rid of the old plastic wrapping and will instead be using paper bands.

Advisers can now order quantities of their choice instead of having to order packets of 5 or 10 of each thing.