Lumley PI

Goodreturns reports that the IFA has singled out Lumley as declining lots of PI claims. I am sure Lumley will not be alone as the downturn as been peculiarly 'financial' in nature and there will be lots of PI claims. The test of whether such contracts rates are right will be felt hardest over the coming 12 to 24 months. I wonder if the folk at FAANZ might build a register of PI claims and outcomes.

In the shadow of the moon...

 The most awe inspiring movie I can recall seeing in a long time. It is hard to tell you how surprising this starightforward documentary is. Incredible NASA footage, remastered, with fascinating interviews with Astronauts. It is amazing. The audience left with all smiles - and it wasn't just the usual procession of nerds that would watch a documentary. My favourite was Mike Collins, but all the Astronauts had fascinating anecdotes and an incredible love for life and people. Go watch it.

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Blade Runner

I've seen two articles recently on the new, and let's hope final, director's cut of Blade Runner. One was in WIRED, and tended to focus on technical aspects of the clean-up - but well worth a read for armchair directors. Another is in Nerve, a fashionable online mag. Their article - here - is worth reading for chronicling the changes and exploring the 'robots teach us about being human' angle. I'm definitely going to watch the new version. Link.


I read this story as a child when it sent shivers up the spine. When I re-read a summary in the 19th of August last year it did so again. When I heard they were making a new movie about it (300) then I was excitied. The Battle of Thermopylae. If you want an interesting summary of the battle and its meaning, try thes notes - link.

Update - Hat tip Mike Maloney - 300 seconds of 300.


I have a hobby, saving money, and it has led me to become possibly the last kiwi to own a copy of the extended version of the Lord of The Rings on DVD. I got it knocked down in a Wellington CD Store last week and I finally got to watch some of it on Sunday. The movie is on heck of a lot better in the extended version. The common theme in the extended and added scenes is that they are dialogue intense, ad a lot to the understanding of the plot, and make up for some of the clunkier narrative devices to enable us to get through 1100 pages of literature in 'just' three films...