Battle of Britain Day

This gallery has some great photos from the Battle of Britain, which is commemorated today. A famous New Zealander, Sir Keith Park, was instrumental in the battle. Sir Keith Park is quoted as saying that the day the battle turned was September 7th (also, my wedding anniversary, making it easy to remember) when the Luftwaffe chose to bomb cities instead of airfields.

96th Birthday Party

Not mine, of course, but Jack the Whistle, who is a dear friend, and is pictured below. We caught him by surprise - he'd forgotten the day, as such minor things tend to pass one by at his age. I hope to be doing so well at 96. He's pictured here with my son Jacob. Jack's memories include time serving in the New Zealand Army in Greece and Crete, Egypt, and the Levant. He also recalls horse drawn buses in Auckland, and has travelled extensively, and so is a fund of other great stories and observations.


Barack Obama is President

This is amazing, and interesting, and so many things. The American people clearly wanted change. The really important thing about democracy is, of course, the right to choose the government - not choosing the right government, Here's a bevvy of Obama links.