The World of Insurance

Professional IQ are hosting a workshop that will open your eyes to the importance of insurance and, with a focus on the Christchurch earthquake as an example, the valuable contribution it makes to our global economy.

Workshop contents include:

  •  The origins of Insurance
  •  How Lloyds of London evolved 
  • Modern day insurance 
  • World disasters 
  • Christchurch and it's impact on the global Insurance underwriting market 
  • Why was Christchurch unique in terms of consumer protection, and 
  • Where to from here post the earthquake. 

Click here to register and to find out more. 


Press Release: Professional IQ College Launches Diploma in Insurance Broking

Professional IQ College has developed the PIQ College Diploma in Insurance Broking. The first of its kind designed by Brokers for NZ Brokers this programme offers a range of topics and delivery options to recognise experienced Brokers. 

Lesley Southwick Principal of PIQ College says this Diploma has been asked for by Brokers for a while. It gives Brokers technical insurance knowledge in the NZ insurance context.

The recent PIQ Industry Skills Survey shows that 32% of the people in the broking sector have been working in the industry for longer than 5 years. This Diploma has been developed for those 32% where training options are sometimes limited. 

When PIQ looked at what skills the profession needed to focus on, to remain competitive it was interesting to see that while Technical Skills dominated there was a healthy need shown for soft skills, leadership and management as well as business competence. Access to skill development through workshops, webinars and online short courses allows Brokers to develop a professional development plan to suit their individual needs and gain an industry qualification at the same time. 

Lesley says there has been an increase in requests for training lately and this PIQ Diploma in Insurance Broker makes up one of three NZ Broker Qualifications the College has developed to allow all levels of staff to gain professional development.